Star Power® Coaching helps individuals and their teams catapult their success. With the option to work with coaches who specialize in different aspects of the business, you’ll have a team of experts ready to dig in and help you find your unique path to success - in business, in life, or both.

One-to-One Executive Coaching

Star Power Coaching is different from other real estate industry coaching offerings in very important ways. Our focus is simple in approach and, well, powerful in the results we’re able to achieve.

There is no ONE way to evolve your real estate business. Star Power was built on best agents' best practices using various tools and techniques to succeed. Your coaching shouldn’t be a “one way or the highway” approach.

#1: We meet you, the client, where you’re at.
Ours is not a scripted approach, meaning you won’t find a “week one, do this” structure here. Each of our coaches seeks first to understand what your current reality is, where your pain points are, and what you’ve already succeeded - and failed - with along the way.

#2: We help you get clear on what you want.
Whether you’re looking to grow production, expand your team, become a better leader to your real estate team, scale back, or even transition out of the day to day, our coaches are prepared to help you gain that clarity. And because the path for many also includes Purpose and Significance, if those are areas you want to address, we have coaches who are equipped to support you there, too.

#3: We help you design a plan to get you where you choose to go.
Once you have clarity on where you desire to go, our coaches get to work designing your specialized model alongside you. Our Five-Star Approach looks at key areas in your business and ensures that all get the attention required to help you succeed.

#4: We advocate for you, hold you accountable, and cheer you on along the path to fulfillment.
Listen, we aren’t here to beat you up. Don’t you get enough of that from the market, possibly from your competitors and even well-intended colleagues, friends, and family?

What we WILL do is hold you accountable to what you commit to, explore what’s getting in the way, and call to your attention when your actions don’t align with your desired outcomes. And then we’ll help you reevaluate, redefine, and move forward.

Onsite Consulting

Stuck on your business planning and goal setting? Team needing an infusion of motivation? Sometimes the best solution is to bring in a Coach to work with you face to face! 

One of our Star Power Coaches will join you onsite in your own environment to consult you on your goals, support your success and help drive your business. Your Coach can also lead your team in goal setting, and fire them up with enthusiasm to succeed beyond expectation in the months and year ahead!

Schedule a strategy session if you’re considering any of the following:

  • Annual Team Planning Retreat
  • Hands-on Business Planning
  • Midyear Review and Realignment with Goals

Mastermind Groups

There is a powerful outcome when small groups of like-minded people come together for a shared focus. Our virtual Mastermind Groups meet monthly with the direction of a Star Power Coach as Facilitator to collaborate, brainstorm ideas, and assist each other in solving challenges.

Groups are limited to no more than 12, meet as a six-month cohort, and typically share similar business models (some examples: all luxury specialists; Rainmakers with teams of a certain size; solo agents and small teams). A private Facebook group is set up so that your group can continue the collaboration and conversation between the formal sessions.

Meet Our Coaches

Bill Renaud

Bill Renaud - Director of Coaching

Amy Stoehr

Amy Stoehr - CEO and Coach


Jana Caudill - Real Estate Coach


Wendy Starr - Real Estate Coach

Michael Tritthart

Michael Tritthart - Real Estate Coach