Wendy Starr


“You have every single thing you need within yourself to manifest whatever you desire.”

-Jenn Sincero

I am Wendy Starr, a Certified, Human Potential Institute-trained coach. And I also happen to be a Realtor, licensed in Arizona and Ontario, Canada. I am Co-Team Leader with Lindsay Smith of Buy Sell Love Durham, a 4-agent real estate team located near Toronto, Ontario. We are consistently in the top 0.5% of all agents in our area. In 2021, we were #14 in Canada for our brand.

My coaching style focuses on empowering the client, knowing that each client has exactly what they need within them. By asking powerful questions, getting curious, engaging, and exploring, we work toward the outcomes that you, as the client, desire. You will have actions and accountability at the end of each session until our next session together. I take a holistic approach with each client; our work is not a vacuum from our personal lives. Sometimes we need to explore what is happening outside of work which may be affecting what is happening inside of work. Coaching is not cookie-cutter or one-size fits!

“Wendy has had an immediate impact on me and my business. I leave each coaching session feeling energized and excited about my goals and outcome. I am feeling very excited about the year ahead with Wendy in my corner.” Amanda B.