Steve Kantor


Owner of Lifebushido founded in 2006

Steve Kantor is a self professed serial entrepreneur

He is not and never will be a real estate agent. With his business, Best Agent Business, he approaches the Real Estate industry as an outsider, a “typical crazy entrepreneur” with lots of ideas, raw energy, and the ‘giggle factor; an endearing jovial quality, who quite simply enjoys helping other people grow their business. In this case, helping those top twenty percent of real estate agents whose net sales are one hundred thousand dollars or more create their best possible business by focussing on their unique talents and applying the lessons learned from his must-read book, Billion Dollar Agent- Lessons Learned.

 So, do you want to be a billion-dollar agent? Steve interviewed seventy-plus agents who, in their career, have sold or will sell one billion dollars worth of real estate, and they share their secrets of success. Intrigued? Steve is big on sevens. In his book, he addresses the idea of Billion Dollar Agent 777 and lists seven areas, seven levels, and seven actions of a billion-dollar agent. Lucky sevens indeed, but certainly not a gamble; in fact, there are inseparable core fundamentals revealed in his research that define the billion-dollar agent, this level of a top performer, not just in real estate but in any career and life. Steve says, “You create your luck by taking ownership of your life. Through a combination of imagination, clarity, action, consistency, determination, and perseverance, you can take control of your life.”

Steve Kantor has an undergraduate degree from Harvard and a Masters's degree from John Hopkins; he is originally from San Diego, and now calls Maryland his hometown. At his core, Steve is a businessman. He was the founder of a software company that he sold in 2004. He took a year off, traveled, brainstormed about what to do next, met many people, had a lot of conversations, tabled oodles of business ideas, and got a lot of feedback. The result was his company, Lifebushido, founded in 2006. Bushido is a Japanese term from ‘the ways of the Samurai’ and adheres to the mantra of taking action in your life. It applies to real estate, and it applies to life. His company, Lifebushido, is building a global network of people who work from their homes with flexible hours, each providing an expert skill. Lifebushido’s primary venture is Best Agent Business, which focuses on helping real estate agents create their best possible business using their unique talents, delegating the other ‘stuff’ to Best Agent Business over the web, and improving their bottom line of net income and overall life satisfaction. Steve says, “It’s not a new concept, just a significant, proven concept done uniquely. Best Agent Business is filling a total business need, a major niche in the marketplace. All our clients are doing well, which is the success barometer. We want to share success.” ‘The Billion Dollar Epiphany’ came in January 2006. Steve was in Colorado visiting his sister, Vicki Westapher, a top RE/MAX agent in Colorado Springs, to brainstorm with her and her colleagues about his business plans. He was on a plane back to Washington, DC, and had just finished reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, and he wondered if anyone had ever sold one billion dollars worth of real estate. He jotted down a few calculations on the napkin and estimated that perhaps there were a few hundred people. Then he wrote a short plan to try and track some of them down and see if they would be interested in being interviewed for a book.