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With a wide range of topics covered, from marketing strategies and lead generation to negotiations and closing deals, our Star Power interviews provide actionable insights and valuable information to help elevate your real estate career. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Subscribe to our Star Power Club today and gain access to our exclusive monthly interviews with our new Star Power Stars.

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Two tactics-packed monthly Star interviews

In both video and audio format - bringing ideas for everyone from solo agents to large team

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Gain tips on everything on the latest marketing tools covering various topics.

Monthly LIVE Speakeasy

Zoom calls where a Star (or Stars) drill down on a specific topic, take questions, and brainstorm with you.

First notice on launch of new products and services

Often accompanied by special pricing not available to the general population

Access to ALL the interviews and newsletters

Since Club re-launched in 2022

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Real Estate Star Power Club

Best practices. Best agents. Brand neutral. Open sharing. It’s the cornerstone of all things Star Power, and the monthly Star Power Club interview series is your foundation.

Each month, you’ll meet new Stars from across North America who are shining examples of success in their respective markets. They’ll open the doors and welcome you in to see and hear the scripts, marketing pieces, strategies, checklists, tools, plans, and more that they use on a daily basis to successfully sell real estate - AND have a positive impact in their community, and elevate their own quality of life.

Your monthly Club subscription includes:

  • Monthly video interviews with our new Star Power Stars (also available as audio)
  • Monthly Star Power News newsletter filled with scripts, marketing, coaching, and so much more and including hyperlinks to downloadable materials shared by the Stars
  • Speakeasy Club - a monthly virtual hangout to discuss anything and everything real estate that’s on your mind!
  • Monthly Revisit video interviews with veteran Stars who are still active, relevant, and excelling in their market
  • Access to past audio Star interviews originally recorded 2010 and earlier
  • Discounts and early notices for new products and services

this essential training tool for your business!