Michael Tritthart

STAR POWER Coach 2022

Michael has trained thousands of Realtors® since 2001

Michael Tritthart is based out of North Texas and has more than twenty years of experience conducting educational workshops and small business training. He offers training, marketing tips, and consultation designed to improve your business. Classes are taught in a user-friendly manner that is accessible to both wary computer users and experts.

He earned his BA in Education at the University of Central Oklahoma and obtained his Master of Education degree from the University of North Texas in 2000. Michael began training agents in 2001 around the Dallas Ft. Worth real estate market. In 2004, he joined the Keller Williams Plano, TX, market center staff. He provided training and tech support for the Plano market center for three years. In 2007, he created his own proprietary training company and began to travel the United States and Canada, providing quality workshops to all who attend. He also began to build his design services team. In 2018, Michael became affiliated with the KW McKinney, TX, Market Center.

Being a firm believer in the ONE Thing, Michael earned his ONE Thing certification in early 2016. Soon after, he began to provide powerful ONE Thing workshops to small businesses, corporations, real estate agents, and more across North America. He can offer a unique perspective of providing tech workshops focusing on ONE Thing at a time. Something very hard to do with technology! Michael comes from a successful real estate family and has trained thousands of Realtors® since 2001. The training team and Michaeltritthart.com website are owned and operated by MTritt INC. The social media/website design team is owned and operated by MTJK INC.

  • Head Coach of the Master Networks five plus one Mastery Coaching program 2019 –
  • Master Networks Leadership Team – Director of Coaching 2020 –
  • STAR POWER Coach 2022 –
  • International Technology Instructor 2001 –
  • ONE Thing Instructor 2016 –
  • Keller Williams Realty International Master Faculty Member 2009-18
  • Certified by the states of Alabama, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas to teach multiple Continuing Education Courses

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Coaching – Become Google Great


Get hands-on help from industry expert Michael Tritthart and his team. This coaching series can easily add $300-$400K annually to your bottom line. Michael will take you and your team through creating a 1 3 5 plan for success with Google. That will help to identify the number 1 goal, 3 priorities, and 5 action steps for massive success. Multiple 1-hour and 30-minute sessions, for a total of 4 hours of consulting and coaching, with all sessions recorded so you can return to the training again and again. From that, Michael will help! Need more information? Click here for a message from Michael

-Establish the optimum Google Business Profile.
-Techniques on how to get on the first page of Google in days.
-How to become the community hub for your marketing area.
-An EASY technique that will save hours of time and increase productivity
-Bonus items tailored just for your online business.



STAR POWER Agents – Technology in Real Estate can be your biggest ally or your biggest foe! This series is to help you identify the biggest pain point from a tech point of view for your business. From that Michael will help create a 1 3 5 action plan for your business. Basically we find the pain point (lead generation, website, social media, hardware, software, etc) and we will craft the treatment to make it better. Register now to get your business on the path to growth! Need more information? Click here for a message from Michael