Meet the Founder

Who is Jana and why is she doing this?

In Jana’s own words…

I was able to catapult my success quickly by implementing what was shared. To this day, some of the best and most creative ideas, practices, referring agents, friendships and collaboration I enjoy comes from this epic group brought together by a very special man that will live on within us forever.

So the million dollar question: why did I purchase the rights and trademarks? To whom much is given, much is expected. I’m celebrating 25 years in the business, and it saddened me that Star Power was no longer active. Former members and the Stars who experienced this quality industry training and dynamic collaborative community continue to share their desire and need.

The organization has been dormant for over 9 years, so I reached out to the Charfens and they amicably agreed to let me buy the rights. Now we can reignite the organization that brought tremendous value and impact to us and so many agents throughout North America.

Meet the Leadership Team

Jana Seeks out the best

When Jana contacted Star Power the very first time at the recommendation of Star Cathy Russell (Feb. ‘94), she was greeted by Amy Stoehr. That started a business relationship that gave birth to a friendship and multiple opportunities to work together over the years.

Amy was the Executive Vice President of Howard Brinton STAR POWER Systems until the start of 2008. She launched her own coaching and consulting organization for real estate pros, Real Estate Masters Guild. Along with coaching hundreds of other agents, Amy was given the honor of coaching some of Jana’s team off and on over the years.

She was beyond thrilled when Jana called to share her intent. Now, as Director of Coaching of the new Star Power, she is excited to take the best of the original model and blend it with today’s industry needs, then bring it to a brand-new era of pros.

Jana and Amy got to work immediately, seeking the ultimate talent for executing the vision. Through a Star Power Club Facebook Group post, Jana shared her vision and the need for a top-notch execution master. Jana was contacted by none other than Tammy Hickey, who had shimmered in various roles at the original Star Power. The highly recommended Dawn Sroka-Seagren was quickly added to the team as COO. Dawn is a logistical dynamo and shined in the Keller Williams organization. Her excitement for Star Power is apparent as she dives into each division with a keen eye on what best serves and elevates the real estate agent.

From Keller Williams, Dawn moved on to a new role where she successfully merged the top two Keller Williams real estate teams into Place Inc. - 45 teams across the US and Canada came under one umbrella. She is passionate about education, growth, and seeing the best in everyone. Her relationship-based approach to challenges serves her well, and her love of the real estate agent shines in everything she does.

Tammy’s vast knowledge of all things Star Power, combined with her incredible work ethic, project management skills, and talent working with diverse personalities, makes her an ideal fit for the new Star Power. And she is coming off a decade of selling real estate herself, so she knows exactly what the challenges are facing today’s real estate professionals.

Jana Caudill, Founder and CEO <br><a href="mailto:jana@starpower.com">jana@starpower.com </a>
Jana Caudill, Founder and CEO

Jana has built a reputation of success, excellence, quality, and professionalism. As the CEO of the new Star Power, she believes wholeheartedly that the legacy will not only continue but will help bring today’s real estate professionals fresh, invigorating, and actionable techniques to catapult their businesses and improve their lives.

Dawn Sroka-Seagren, COO
Dawn Sroka-Seagren, COO
Amy Stoehr
Amy Stoehr
Tammy Hickey
Tammy Hickey