Josh Friberg

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Real Estate Coach and Trainer

What you do matters—it is meaningful for you, your clients, even your legacy

"My body is at home, but my head and heart are at work...then my body is at work, but my head and my heart are at home." When I said that, I realized something had to change. More and more, we are not present to the people in front of us, we are not acting on the activities that truly matter, and we feel constantly distracted.

This is why I train and coach Real Estate agents to create personal lives as abundant as their businesses.

Here's one tip to feeling more accomplished today: choose one small activity that will move your business forward (Talk to 10 prospects, organize 20 names in your database, and record that video you've been intending). Turn off everything and focus on that activity until it is done--no matter what. What results did you get? Now, do it again for your physical health and your relationship with your kids. Do what matters today.

What you do matters—it is meaningful for you, your clients, and even your legacy. AND, what you do matters—the specific activities you choose to spend your time and energy on making a difference in the outcomes and results you get--choose well. Now get into action!

I would love to show you how. Let's connect and discuss how I can help your people get into the actions that matter.