Bill Renaud

Bill Renaud

Owner of Renaud Coaching & Consulting Inc. & Director of Coaching at Star Power

Bill believes above all in Integrity and Professionalism

After being on top of the game as a producing real estate leader in Ottawa, Canada, Bill transitioned over a decade ago to exclusively coaching the best Realtors in North America. Bill’s insights into business planning have helped countless Realtors launch successful and, most of all, profitable real estate careers. He is known for being Gregarious, Outgoing, and the Man with the Plan.  

Bill also offers on-site evaluations and is known for working with teams and helping them structure and build synergy to be successful in today’s demanding market. He is direct, expressive, and results-oriented!  

Bill believes, above all, in integrity and professionalism, which is evident in his coaching outlook. He firmly believes Honesty, Compassion, and Understanding between all parties are essential to building a successful business. Your success is his goal.

When Bill announced his launch of Renaud Coaching Inc., he was sincerely touched to receive hundreds of positive and encouraging comments about his character, success, and appreciation from the Real Estate Industry. Bill was the Director of Coaching for Goodfellow Coaching for over 15 years before starting Renaud Coaching. 

Bill Renaud was the Founder of the top-selling Ottawa Properties Team in Ottawa, Canada. Bill understands and embodies High Energy! The running joke in Ottawa is that if you could bottle his energy, you could easily power the city for a lifetime.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Bill launched into real estate in 1993 after losing almost everything he had in the 1980s recession. Bill built a trained professional team and became the top-selling team in the City of Ottawa for many years! He was top 10 in the country and holds the prestigious Circle of Legends Award for RE/MAX. He was awarded Re/Max Lifetime Achievement within one year of joining the company and is featured in the book of RE/MAX Founder Dave Liniger. Bill was also the Top Realtor in Canada for Royal Lepage RES Ltd.  Bill, and his team assisted over 5,000 families and generated more than $500 million in sales.  

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