Amy Stoehr

Amy Stoehr

CEO training with, teaching for, and learning from the real estate industry's brightest since 1993

Helping real estate professionals improve their business and personal lives is my focus.

I realize the importance of sharpening the saw on real estate business techniques and strategies and finding the ultimate direction for YOUR best life.

I believe your coach should constantly be improving and growing. I was formally certified as a coach in 2002, and I regularly study and attend conferences to continue growing my business strength. And I also seek out my next challenges personally to show myself and you that just about anything is possible with faith, commitment, and action!

My Story

I've been training with, teaching for, and learning from the real estate industry's brightest and best since 1993!

My mission since 1998 has been to have a profound impact on improving the quality of people's business and personal lives.

I spent nearly 12 years with one of the real estate industry's most influential trainers, Howard Brinton, STAR POWER Systems. Their foundation of best practices from best agents simply made sense. And the synergy and family atmosphere nurtured there is one I continue to seek out when I attend conferences and create in our live event environments.

On the personal side, I love to hike, and I put this to the ultimate test in September 2019 by summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. That adventure became a life-altering experience that led to the creation of the Kilimanjaro Kidz Education Foundation - I hope you take a few minutes to check it out! A portion of every coaching package contributes to better education for the children of the incredible people working on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Oh, and some of you may appreciate that I've been married since 1994 to an excellent guy who tolerates my craziness - and is super proud of the two sons we were blessed to raise.